jeff perlman


Miguel has been on the live music scene for many years with a variety of bands. He is described by his peers as one of the best acoustic guitar players that the Philadelphia music scene has ever seen. His style is aggressive yet intricate.

Playing guitar for over 25 years at this stage of his life, Miguel provides a wide array of styles that he can bring to any band. He is a virtual walking jukebox with his seemingly endless repertoire of songs, which makes it easy to constantly change set lists and keep things fresh. Miguel is influenced by such great guitar players such as Nuno Bettencourt, Randy Rhoads, and Eddie Van Halen to name a few, and is able to take those styles and translate them into an acoustic style all of his own.

Miguel is a logistics analyst, painter and craft beer aficionado. He also spends many hours mastering his craft and love of video games. Miguel is also a devoted father to a beautiful daughter.

He is a born and raised Northeast Philadelphia resident where he currently resides. He is also an avid Philadelphia Sports Fan.